Vocational Training Program

In 2005, Aid to Children Without Parents (ACWP) established a partnership with Hoa Sua Vocational Training School for Disadvantaged Youth which is supported by United Nations, and countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia,  United States and the “Chamber of Commerce and Industry” of Versailles, France.  The joint effort between ACWP and Hoa Sua was the result of both group’s grassroots effort to help under-privileged and homeless children become self-sufficient through obtaining education and marketable skills which can be utilized in today’s Vietnam economy.  For those children who have earned academic achievements, scholarships are awarded to help further their pursuit of higher education or advanced training.

Established in 1994 as a non-profit vocational training school in Hanoi, Vietnam, Hoa Sua (means Milky Flower in Vietnamese) School offers vocational training to only disadvantaged youths, including children of war invalids, orphans and street kids, children from poor families living in poverty, and speech and hearing impaired youths.   

Training and boarding at the school is offered free to all admitted students.  Tuition is covered by the training program which operates with the continued support of international donations, scholarships, grants, and foundations.  Admission criterion is not based on the ability to pay tuition but based on the students hunger to learn, drive for independence and self-reliance. The hope is to provide the opportunities for the disadvantaged kids a chance for vocational training and steer them away from panhandling or street-related, short-term jobs.
The purpose of the Vocational School is to provide vocational training opportunities in Asian and European cooking, catering, patisserie, baking, restaurant service, industrial sewing and small business management for disadvantaged youth.


Aside from the main training facility where the dormitory is also located, the Hoa Sua Training School in Hanoi also has a restaurant, embroidery shop, bakery, and catering business within the vicinity. The revenues generated from each business division helps to support the school while the business offer opportunities for the students to gain industry experience and sharpen their craft and skills.

In addition to the core Hospitality curriculum in theory and practice, Hoa Sua School also provides French and English classes to selected recipients with advanced skills or motivation.  To help students from varied disadvantaged backgrounds, i.e. skills and education, all students receive training on basic courses such as mathematic and reading to ensure graduates have a standardized level of academic preparation. 
Students at Vocational school are offered apprenticeship and direct mentorship from internationally trained chefs or skilled volunteers.  Through this apprenticeship, students acquire hands-on skills, practical experiences, and confidence through working and learning with foreign culinary teachers and/or specialized volunteers.  The acquired international training and skills are indispensable assets and highly marketable in today’s Vietnam Tourism industry.  About ninety percent (90%) of all graduates have acquired full time positions at internationally operated hotels or restaurants and few have completed the cycle and were invited to return as Hoa Sua Masters.

There are two levels of government-recognized certifications in the Hoa Sua vocational training programs: short-term and long-term. The duration of each training program varies from 6 to 18-months depending on the level of interest, skills, family support, and capability of the students.


ACWP awards scholarships to qualified students through our Vocational Sponsorship Program which enable the students to enroll in Hoa Sua Training program. The cost for a six-month program is $400USD and $600USD for a twelve-month program, respectively.  ACWP’s goal is to sponsor 50 students to enroll in   Vocational School each year. Want to Help? Click Here

Did You Know...

Out of the three students that were awarded with scholarships and admissions at Hoa Sua School in 2006, one student had already graduated and is currently working at a 4-Star Hotel Resort in Hue.  In May 2007, four additional students were awarded scholarships and admissions to Hoa Sua School.   

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ACWP-BLOOM Restaurant & Training Facility - Hue, Central Vietnam

The first ACWP-Bloom Restaurant and Training Facility, a replicate of the successful Hanoi Hoa Sua Restaurant & Training Facility, was opened in Hue Central Vietnam in December 2007.   When visiting Hue, please show your support and stop by Bloom Restaurant --to enjoy dining in an inspiring environment for fusion American-Asian food or European-inspired pastries skillfully prepared by ACWP’s young chefs who are no longer looked at as disadvantaged youths but ACWP’s inspirational youths.

Please go to www.bloomrestaurant.org for more menu, details on the Grand Opening celebration, and more…